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SE Licensing Requirements

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On March 17 Steve Powell requested the structural engineering licensing
requirements for each state.  The following list gives the dates each
state started to give the National Council of Examiners for Engineers and
Surveyors (NCEES) P.E., Structural 1 and the Structural 2 examinations.
I would like to expand this table to include columns indicating:
1) If a state requires an individual have a Civil or other P.E. license prior
   to taking the SE.?
2) What states have a laws limiting what a P.E. with structural experience may
   stamp and what type of projects require a structural license (scope of practice)?
3) The number of years of experience required to take the SE exam in each state.
The Library of Congress Internet Resource Page on State and Local Governments at
will put you right into the web page of your state's legislature.  From there all
you have to do is search the state laws for "structural engineer".  I would
appreciate receiving electronic versions of any structural engineering related
laws your state has.  I will post the completed list if enough information
comes in.
Also Steve would you send me your e-mail address and the results of your inquires
in March.
                   P.E.  SE-1  SE-2  SE-3
First Given        M-65  O-85  O-85
Alabama            M-65  A-96
Alaska             A-67
Arizona            N-73  O-90  O-90
Arkansas           A-67  O-86  O-93
California         N-74
Colorado           O-81  O-91
Connecticut        A-74  O-86  O-86
DC                 D-66
Delaware           D-66  A-94
Florida            A-70  O-85  O-85
Georgia            D-66  A-89
Guam               D-66  O-87  O-87
Hawaii             A-67  O-94  O-94
Idaho              D-68
Illinois           A-84  O-85  O-87
Indiana            A-73
Iowa               D-66  O-85
Kansas             A-74  O-94
Kentucky           D-70  O-85  O-95
Louisiana          D-68  O-94
Maine              D-66  A-91  A-96
Maryland           A-67
Massachusetts      D-71  O-95
Michigan           N-76
Minnesota          A-67  O-87  O-87
Mississippi        D-66
Missouri           D-70
Montana            D-66
Nebraska           D-68  O-85  O-86
Nevada             A-67  A-93  A-93
New Hampshire      A-68  A-96  A-96
New Jersey         O-83  O-92
New Mariana Island O-92  A-94
New Mexico         D-66
New York           A-70
North Carolina     D-70  O-94  A-96
North Dakota       A-67
Ohio               A-67
Oklahoma           D-68  O-93  A-96
Oregon             A-67  O-85  O-85
Pennsylvania       A-79  O-95
Puerto Rico        D-66  A-95
Rhode Island       D-66  O-93
South Carolina     D-66  A-92
South Dakota       D-66  O-87  O-87
Tennessee          A-67  O-93  A-96
Texas              D-66  A-89  O-90
Utah               A-69  A-94  O-94
Vermont            D-67  O-88
Virgin Island      D-70
Virginia           D-66  A-96
Washington         A-67  O-98  O-98 
West Virginia      A-68  O-93
Wisconsin          A-71  A-95
Wyoming            A-71  A-90
1)   Dates indicate when the state started to use the examination provided by
     National Council for Examiners of Engineers and Surveyors
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