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RE: Dynamic loads on foundations

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Dear María:
I have used "Vibration Analysis and Design of Foundations for Machines and Turbines" by Alexander Major (Collet's Holdings Limited, London).
The book is not very modern but it is good and each subject is treated in detail.
The chapter devoted to Turbine Foundations has 150 pages.
I don´t know if there is a new edition.
Best regards
Alberto Guida
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De: Maria I. Falconi <maisabel(--nospam--at)>
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Fecha: viernes 30 de abril de 1999 6:39
Asunto: Dynamic loads on foundations

Hi all,
I need to design foundations for some large equipment (a gas turbine generator for a power plant).  The thing weighs about 160 kips (800 kN), and is subjected to discrete dynamic loads at anchor points due to rotating equipment within the turbine.  It sits on a mat spread out over 900 sq ft (80 m2).  I also have to design a few other smaller foundations that also have dynamic loading.  And this thing is located in a seismic 3 and hurricane zone (Dominican Republic).
  Does anyone know where I can get some guidance on how to design these monsters, particularly with respect to dynamic loading. 
Thanks in advance
Maria I. Falconi