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RE: Uniform Licensing Requirements?

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I have a nearly identical story with my home state of Illinois.  most of us 
have opinions about whether uniform laws concerning licensing should be 
uniform.  The simple fact is that it WON'T happen (see the earlier 
dicsussion on "turf" from Mr. Greenlaw).  Not in our lifetimes at any rate. 
 There has actually been great debate among the states as to whether it is 
a "license" or a "registration".    And that's just for a PE where the 
requirements and needs are fairly uniform.  Throw in SE and there is far 
less agreement.

On Thursday, April 29, 1999 11:03 PM, Mark Oakford [SMTP:oakfordm(--nospam--at)] 
> I pulled this letter from the NCEES web site.  Does anyone have an 
opinion for or against uniform licensing requirements throughout the United 
> I was encouraged to write this letter from the President of the NCEES. I 
wrote to him about my experience with the rules of each state regarding 
professional engineering reciprocity.
> I took the PE exam in April of 1995. This was 1 month short of 4 years of 
engineering experience, but my home state of Minnesota allows internship 
experience to count toward work experience. They allowed me to take the 
exam and I passed and received my license in June of 1995.
> I have since gained reciprocity in four other states without a problem. I 
then applied for reciprocity in the state of North Dakota and was denied 
because "you took the test before you had 4 years of experience."
> Even though I have been a licensed engineer for over 3 years without 
incident, because I was 1 month short of 4 years of experience, they denied 
me a license. I have now had to endure the hardship on myself, my family, 
and my workplace in order to worry about, study, and take the PE exam again 
just for the state of North Dakota.
> I understand the need for rules regarding licensing of professional 
engineers, and I completely agree with enforcing them. However, why can't 
states agree on the basic requirements for taking the exam? I would not 
have minded waiting 6 more months to sit for the exam if someone had told 
me I would have problems gaining reciprocity in the future. The state 
licensing boards are needed to protect the public. How is making me take 
the test again protecting the public? This problem is not unique to me - I 
know of two other co-workers who had to retake the exam for similar 
> Please standardize the experience requirements for all states so nobody 
has to endure taking the PE exam again after already passing it.
> Shawn M. Whalen, P.E.
> Minneapolis, MN
> Mark Oakford, P.E., oakfordm(--nospam--at) 

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