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Re: Seismic Upgrade prob. W/97 UBC

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Mr Foley wrote:

>I don't believe this should rest on your conscience. This is a Code 
requirement and has been for a few years.  Make your case with the Building

Official and his decision will decide your coures of action.

I have found that utimately there is little we can force a Client to do. 
In many instances we cannot even require that they pay their bills.

I would suggest going a step further and consult with the Client before
appealing to the Building Official.  Some clients may actually prefer to
have the building comply with the latest code.  By discussing the issue
with the Client you are letting him know that you are looking after his
interests and letting them make the decision.  Also if in some future
earthquake there is some damage the fact that you obtained an exception to
the code without the Clients concurrance could possibly expose you to some

>From a business perspective your fees will be higher if you have to design
the upgrade so why fight it.  

Mark Gilligan