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Re: Seismic Upgrade prob. W/97 UBC

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Lynn wrote:

>  The new use is classified as a higher intensity
> of use than the existing use.  Because of the addition, remodel of
> existing structure, and the intensification of use, the building
> department is REQUIRING that the building be brought up to current code
> for seismic design, which is this case is the 1997 UBC.

I would be interested in knowing what the current and future occupancies
are.  A Change of Occupancy would only trigger compliance with occupancy
specific requirements.  There are only 2 such seismic requirements in the
UBC:  The I factor in Table 16-K and the requirement to include 25% of
storage and warehouse live loads in the seismic weight W.

With respect to additions, obviously a vertical addition would trigger
upgrading but a horizontal addition would only require an upgrade to common
elements and  the existing building need not be upgraded if the addition is
separated from the existing building.

Are you dealing with a UBC requirement or a local code amendment?

In any case your client should be fully informed.

Bob Bossi