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RE: Modeling Diaphragm Stiffness of Unreinforced Masonry

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Rodrigo, have you downloaded the FEMA 273 document we've been discussing? I'd like your opinion on the applicability of the shear stiffness criteria given in that document to my NON-SEISMIC analysis.

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Subject: RE: Modeling Diaphragm Stiffness of Unreinforced Masonry

    The basic idea lying under the modelling of a wall as an x-brace is to take into account the added stiffnes to the structure and the deformation pattern that will govern the behaviour of the infilled frame. 
    It will no longer deform as a frame, but more like a wall.
    You should check the wall with the shear force that acts in the story.  There are plenty of failure criteria for masonry, most of which are something like Tu= T0 + k x N; where k is a friction coefficient, T0 is the shear strenght of the mortar and N is the normal force applied to the wall.