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RE: design code

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> From: Christopher Wright [mailto:chrisw(--nospam--at)]
> Sent: Monday, May 03, 1999 12:26 PM
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> Subject: RE: design code
> >	The rigidity referred to in Section 2227 refers to connection
> >rigidity consistent with your frame analysis.
> Part of this problem is making sure that your connection can
> withstand
> any relative motion. If you assume pinned connections, the connection
> needs to accommodate relative rotation. That's no problem if the
> connection actually is pinned with a single pin, but if you
> take 'pinned'
> to mean 'fairly soft in rotation' the relative displacements during
> rotation may be enough to tear things apart. This happens with fillet
> welds, especially if the weld doesn't have all the ductility that the
> engineer imagines.

If you pay careful attention to the detailed recommendations of AISC ( the
"Load and Resistance Factor Design of Simple Shear Connections" pamphlet,
for example), which DO take into account how the joints in a steel frame
actually articulate, this won't generally be a problem, in either bolted or
welded joints.