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Re: Seismic Upgrade prob. W/97 UBC

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You raise some very thought provoking and insightful ideas.  The problem is
that they can not all be worked on immediately.  Personally, I think the
first step we all need to take is to get out of this "victimization"
attitude that seems to prevail.  The statement should not be "look what
they've done to me!"  It needs to be one of "I disagree with this, what can
I do to make it better."  This is the starting point with all of us.

Specifically, in relation to the problem at hand, one of the best avenues
open to everyone on this list is to write articles for the trade
publications.  Present your concerns, suggest changes, provide
justification, let the industry know that there is disagreement on this
concept.  To publish an article in "Building Standards" (ICBO's
publication) one does not need to be a member.  Posting papers on the
SEAINT website is another possibility.

One of the biggest problems in the code development process is that we are
dealing with a system that has been in place for a long time.  Now, with
the merging of the three model code bodies, the system is even harder to
change.  It is harder, but not impossible.

Maybe the beginning is as simple as asking the building officials who are
subscribers to this list to go back to their organizations and request that
the model code agencies create a new website strictly for the purpose of
posting code changes and the results of the meetings.  In this manner one
does not have to leave their office to find out about the changes and
contact the proponents.  If the changes are posted with the proponent's
phone number and e-mail address one can open dialog on the proposals.
Certainly not a perfect solution, but a beginning.  Using the Online
Publication as a vehicle is another way of expressing opinions about code

We simply need to find the beginning point and start.  But, we all need to
develop paitence as well.  The change is not going to happen over night.
It will take a long time, but change can be made.  Keep those thought
provoking ideas comming, Dennis.  Through this type of encouragement and
discussion we will find the starting point.

Rick Ranous