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Re: Failure in downloading AVwin98 Plus.

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Muhammad Amin wrote:
> Subject: Failure in downloading AVWin98 Plus.
> In the latest issue of Seaint Online, it was informed that members of
> Seaint could download Avwin98 Plus ? Avansse Software. I tried to do
> that and failed about half a dozen times. The connection to
> was reset when about a quarter of the file
> ?seaint.exe? was downloaded. I contacted the support address of
> Avansse Software for help and promptly received the following reply.
> "Thank you for your interest in AVwin 98. Maybe the .exe file is not
> complete. Pleaes try to download it at any hour of less traffic."
> I again tied about six times (spread almost uniformly over the
> weekend) with the same result. My question is, "Has any other Seaint
> member downloaded the program successfully?)
> Muhammad Amin
Yes, Muhammad, I did it on november 1998.  By that time I had same
trouble you had,  I insisted and finally downloaded the program
successfully.  Keep trying, it is a great program.

Mario A. Tioli P.E.