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Minimum Reinforcement Ratio for Footings

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That is a good question!  I don't know whether my answer will be good.

It depends on how the footing "looks."  If it looks like a slab, then I will 
use the minimum reinforcing for slabs.  This would include footings for walls 
and isolated footings.

However, if the footing looks like a beam, i.e., supports more than one 
column, then I will use the minimum reinforcing for beams in the direction 
that looks like a beam.  After all, if you turn the columns and footing 
upside down (in your mind, of course) you have a beam supported by columns, 
don't you?

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

John E. Alcaras wrote:

. > What is the minimum reinforcement ratio for footings?
. > ACI318-1989 seems not too clear regarding this one but in ACI318-1995
. > says "For structural slabs and footings , ......" (Clause 10.5.4).

. > Any thoughts fellow structural engineers?..