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RE: DEFINITION: "Full-Factored Live Load

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> Subject: RE: DEFINITION: "Full-Factored Live Load
> If you look at ACI 318-95, section 8.9.2, the hyphen is left
> out and this
> section of the UBC is supposed to be identical to ACI except
> where italicized.

Further in this regard, the commentary for ACI 318-95, Para. 8.9.2 states:

"The engineer is expected to establish the most demanding sets of design
forces by investigating the effects of live load placed in various critical

You know, even with a fairly simple building such as the three story
structure I'm analyzing, that could get to be a pretty complex undertaking.

Does anyone have any rule-of-thumb method that satisfies you that you've
"established the most demanding sets of forces"?