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Announcing ONLINE Listservice

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May 04, 1999 10:32 AM
>From the Office
of Dennis S. Wish, PE
Editor - SEAINT Online
Dear SEAINT Listservice members,

I am pleased to announce a new Listservice devoted to the computer side of 
structural engineering. The list will be known as the Online list since it 
will be closely tied to our publication SEAINT Online.

To subscribe to this free listservice:

Send an email to admin(--nospam--at)
In the body of the message type:  join Online

You need not place anything in the subject line since it will be ignored. I 
don't have the specific information as to how to receive posts in Digest 
format and possibly Shafat can explain this (I did not have much luck except 
to initiate it through our website at

I ask only from the start that when leaving messages regarding a specific 
piece of software (ie, MathCad, Spreadsheet, Visual Basic (VB), Visio etc.) 
that you place an identifier as the first word of the Subject line. This will 
make it easier for many of us to filter out those discussions which we are 
not interested. This can be one of our first topics to discuss common 
identifiers to use.

I look forward to seeing those of you interested in the new list.


Dennis S. Wish, PE
Editor - SEAINT Online
publication of the Structural Engineers Association
of Southern California (SEAOSC)
SEAOSC Office - seaosc(--nospam--at)