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RE: DEFINITION: "Full-Factored Live Load"

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> On another note, I think that ACI 8.9.1 (or UBC 1908.9.1) are
> misleading and
> are missing appropriate limitations on use.  The ACI
> commentary says that
> those provisions only apply to gravtiy loads and not to
> lateral loads - but
> the actual code does not limit theses assumptions to gravity loads?

I think one of the reasons that the commentary in ACI 318 was moved
alongside the actual code provisions is that it allowed "instantaneous"
access to additional information and explanatory notes that are not properly
part of the code provision text itself.

The Introduction to ACI 318-95 states that "the commentary directs attention
to other documents and PROVIDES SUGGESTIONS for carrying out the
requirements and intent of the code. However,...the commentary [is] not
intended to be a part of the code."

My translation of the above: Y'pays yer quarter and y'takes yer chances.

By the way, the commentary regarding application only to gravity loads as
pertaining to the assumption that the far ends of columns are fixed in a
simplified model of analysis that allows you to go floor by floor. The
commentary does not appear to me to pertain to the "patterned live loading"