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Re: light gage metal systems

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Check out section 2220 of the 1997 UBC for shearwall design using plywood
over steel studs.  Angeles is still in business, but a better resource is
through for listed publications and references.

Paul Feather

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Subject: light gage metal systems

> Hi everyone,
> We have a client that has requested us to investigate the possibility of
> using light gage metal systems (metal studs, joists, shear walls, etc.)
> 3- and 4- story housing building.  I've never used it (except for
> walls) and I am having problems in finding technical information.  I know
> that Angeles Metal Systems used to be pretty big in this area however the
> telephone I get off of the internet has yielded nothing.
> Does any one have any information such as manufacturer's, programs etc. to
> help assist in the design of such a system?  The one problem that I
> is the use of metal studs shear walls and holdowns.  I'm not sure how
> going to work.
> Thanks,
> Michelle