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RE: Salary Survey

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I share and old story-joke to whom it may concern:
"two highschool mates named John and Charles. John was a very intelligent
guy with good qualifications who probably would get a scholarship at a very
prestigious university to go for an engineering degree. 
Charles was a very funny guy with extremely low qualifications, good for
jokes, partys and girls, he was a friendly guy. Some teachers had the
opinion that Charley suffer of a lower IQ.The school psycologist tested
Charley and found that actually his IQ was lower so he, for sure, wount be
able to go to any college.
Ten years later John and Charles met in a red traffic light in California:
John driving a accura 1994, dressed with cassual clothes bought in
JC-penney. Charley driving a bmw 740 1999, dressed with a 1000 dollar
italian suit and a longiness in his wrist. 
Charley asked John: how´s your life?
John answered:I got a engineering degree in UUU, an PhD in UUX, and after
all these years I perform as independent consultant in S.E., with an 70.000
dollars  /year salary., and asked Charley: what about you?
Charley answered: well, I´ve been very good, I did not obtain any degree
anywhere but I manufacture this little pens(something like a bic pen), and
i earn 1.500.000 dollars/year.
John asked: how do you do that?
Charles answered: easy, I manufature it at a cost of 1 dollar, and I sell
it at 5 dollars, so the difference of 7 dollars is for me."

end of story.

No doubt that Charley is a very happy guy. But I hope that John can stand
his life.
To choose the structural engineering, as any other activity , is a matter
of  "want to be, or want to do", not "want to have". 

Rodrigo Delgado Zirpel
DCON Cosultores en Ingeniería Ltda.

> De: Steve Strapac <strapac(--nospam--at)>
> A: seaint(--nospam--at)
> Asunto: Salary Survey
> Fecha: Martes 4 de Mayo de 1999 8:19 PM
> Some general questions for the group:
> I was not financially able to practice Structural engineering out of
> college, the salaries available for the jobs available were 1/2 to 2/3
> I make in Construction Management. So I'm not "close" to the field. Of
> the fields of engineering, Civil seems to pay the least, and within
> Structural engineering seems to pay the least. This fact hit home when I
> got a call from a friend of mine from school who went on to get a Masters
> in Structural Eng. at Stanford, a year after finishing grad school, he
> and went to work for Dean Whitter.. as a stock broker (He hasn't even
> off his college loan. He explained that he looked at his mentors, and
> they had accomplished, and he realized that in current dollars, he could
> expect to max out at $70k/year when he retired, in Los Angeles. With all
> the license requirements, etc., why don't structural engineers earn
> significantly more? 
> Why do they bill "per job" vs. attorneys (accountants too?) who bill per
> hour? It seems as if you are all in a race to bid yourselves out of
> existence!?
> Is there an organized effort to rectify this?
> Steve Strapac, P.E.