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Re: Salary Survey

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    Working as an engineer in your professional life is like any other income generating employment:  how much you earn does not necessarily equate to how much you are *worth* nor to how much you need nor to how personally satisfying or fulfilling is your chosen career path.  Seems to me that anyone who chooses their career on the basis of how much money they might earn is always going to be dissatisfied with their life.  Contrary to the popular bumper sticker--he who has the most toys does NOT win!

Sincerely,  audra ranous

kaucher wrote:

To whom it may concern:
Steve has raised a very serious issue.   As a student working
toward a degree in CEBS, I am curious to know why all of the structural/
civil engineers continue to work if the pay isn't that great.  I myself
have decided on this specific field of study because of my great love for
structures, and architecture.  Sure, there are some concerns I have
dealing with salary. For instance, will I make enough to be able to
support my family in the future, etc.  If you have time, please reply to
this email, or to me personally, so that I can understand your motives of
becoming and continuing to work as a structural and or a civil engineer.



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