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Re: Seismic Upgrade ..... Appeal to those who created the code

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In a message dated 5/4/99 11:23:56 PM EST, raranous(--nospam--at) writes:

<<  Now, as far as I can tell (from a non-engineering standpoint), the codes 
are pretty confusing--and from what I hear from SEs who profess knowledge of 
structural design  and construction practices (yourself included), the 
current codes and proposed  codes are not straight forward legislation nor do 
they adequately address issues of life safety.  >>


Assuming that we will not be able change the direction in which code 
development "is going" and was going for the past 50 years because the 
momentum of the machinery (w/ steadily increasing acceleration, mass and 
velocity) influencing its movement is now too great to alter the course of 
action, the following statement by Philip K. Howard, the best-selling author 
on regulatory laws, in *The Death of Common Sense*, seems to be appropriate: 

"Our regulatory system has become an instruction manual. Detailed rule after 
detailed rule addresses every eventuality, or at least every situation 
lawmakers and bureaucrats can think of". Mr. Howard asks: "Is it a 
coincidence that almost every encounter with government (or similar organized 
entity) is an exercise in frustration?"

Since the direction in which the code is developing has been established long 
time ago without a realistic possibility of any change, we might as well ask 
ourselves a question: "Is this direction sustainable for a longer period of 
time - such as for the next generation? .... and if not, do we care?"