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Salary Survey [ 12 or So Responses ]

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To Et Al -

I have read most of the Threadlines re this subject, and, as an Ole Dude 
would like to proffer the following:

I earned a Scholarship to Northwestern University, based on my records from 
Evanston Township High School, in 1948.
Nine years later, after many, many different jobs I received a BS in Civil 
from San Jose State.  Some of those many, many jobs included being a 'flunky' 
Engineering Aide on the Lexington Dam Project in Los Gatos, CA for Guy F. 
Atkinson; an Estimator for a General Contractor in Santa Clara, CA ; and a 
part-time employee of a Civil and Structural Firm in San Jose, CA.  After 
graduation from SJ State ( as it was then known ) I went to work for the 
local Civil and Structural firm.  After 2-1/2 years I received my RCE.

I then went to the first partner of said firm and asked why my anticipated 
and/or projected salary would be so low [ year 1960 ] if I decided to stay 
with the firm.  His response was, " If you are after Money, go back into the 
Construction Industry."

When I talked to the second partner he said, "  Young man you have to decide 
for yourself : Do you want to be an ENGINEER or not ."  So, I left the firm 
and went back into the Construction Industry, now as Chief Engineer and 
Estimator for the old company.  Had a Ball !  Four years later I decided to 
set up my own Civil practice. with an emphasis in Structural design.  After 
my first two years into this new profession I called all of the SE's in my 
area to ask," Why are we working for such little Fee ? Why not get together 
and tell all of the Architects in the area that we will not work for a Fee 
less that 1.50% ? "  No one would listen and said that we would be price 
fixing.  Why do all of the banks have the same interest rates, are they price 
fixing ?

It seems that the situation has not changed much in a span of 35 years !  It 
is a Profession.

Enough,  RLK