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RE: Twisters

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The best reference would probably be ATC 26-2 "Procedures for Post Disaster
Safety Evaluation of Postal Service Facilities".  It has a section on wind
damage with placards, and check lists specifically for wind damage.  It also
covers several different types of building construction.  

The most recent version I have was an interim version from 1991.  I presume
there is a more recent version.

I have faxed some pages to you.

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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Subject: Twisters

I am an engineer in Oklahoma City and as you are probably aware, we had a
serious tornado outbreak on Monday night.  We are beginning to get calls to
make damage assessments on structures ranging from large residential to any
size commercial.  I haven't had to do this morbid and upsetting task since
the Bombing in 1995 and I have switched companies since then, so I don't
have the forms we had created then for the many, many reports that we had to
generate in a short period of time.

I am asking for any forms for this purpose that some of you probably have
ready-made, so that I may head out today with some sense of organization.
It is not a pleasant task, but any help from the community on this LIST
would be greatly appreciated and I will pass on your best wishes to the

Blake Haley, P.E.
White Engineering Associates, Inc.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
405-528-4074; fax 528-4099