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Re: Fortran Compiler Versions

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I work mostly in C and C++ now-a-days but I did a bit of work in what is now
Digital Fortran (used to be Microsoft "Powerstation" 'til they sold it).
The Power station product had a lot of tools for working with multi-source
modules and DLL's.  You could do a front end in Visual Basic (if you wanted
to that is) or C and, make calls to a Fortran Library or DLL.  They've
(Microsoft that is) carried the idea forward into their Visual Studio app as

I've not done any work to speak of with the Lahey product but I have heard
it is robust and productive.  Problem with software is things change so much
and experience seems so perishable sometimes.  It's best to go through the
current feature list and judge for your self how each fits into your plans
and current libraries.


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Date: Thursday, May 06, 1999 1:23 PM
Subject: Fortran Compiler Versions

>Dear Friends:
>Our Company is buying some tailor made structural software.
>The vendor asks:
>"We can deliver a PC NT 4.0 version compiled using a Digital Fortran or
>Lahey Fortran compiler (please specify which)."
>Any one could explain the difference between the mentioned Fortran
>Our Hardware is a IBM Intellistation Z-pro, Pentium III Xeon 500 MHz
>processor, 512 K Cache.
>Thank you
>Adolfo Galvez
>Lima, PERU.