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Liability - Less than minimum code standard

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Dennis S. Wish PE

An interesting conversation ensued this morning when I discussed the new wood 
frame requirements in the 97UBC with an engineer in my area who is adamantly 
against some of the provisions. 
It is our belief that the engineers in our area which services over 100,000 
people would agree with our position as well as those discussed on the SEAINT 
List. My friend explained to me that this can be discussed with the local 
building officials in order to pass local ordinances that adopt a lesser 
standard for design. This would require seeking local city council approvals 
which might be easier than working in a larger municipality such as Los 
How liable would we professionals be to adopt a measure that is less than 
that indicated in the published code? Would this liability extend to the 
local building official and city if the local city council adopted the 

What steps would we need to plead our case and is this a valid way to attack 
those provisions in the code that we feel are excessive while working with 
SEA and ICBO to revise them in future code publications.

Does the SEAOSC board and the SEAOC board (or BORPEL) perceive the existing 
noncompliance by the professional community as a potential liability and are 
they willing to address this issue publicly to help alleviate the potential 
liability leading to a rise of frivolous law suits?

Dennis S. Wish PE