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Re: Seismic Upgrade ..... Appeal to those who created the code

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In a message dated 5/6/99 5:27:31 AM Pacific Daylight Time, Yank2002(--nospam--at) 

<< Assuming that we will not be able change the direction in which code 
 development "is going" and was going for the past 50 years because the 
 momentum of the machinery (w/ steadily increasing acceleration, mass and 
 velocity) influencing its movement is now too great to alter the course of 
 action, >>

If this is true, we might as well roll over and die. I can not accept any 
fact that change is impossible  - even a rolling train can be derailed. This 
type of analogy fosters, in my opinion, apathy in the professional community.
I also believe that change is an evolutionary process which starts with those 
we either elect to represent us or by envolvement of each of us in issues we 
are concerned about. 
The code can be rewritten from scratch if necessary and enough of the 
community were to rally in favor of it. But this is not necessarily valid. We 
need to understand what problems are created by the publication and what 
problems exist in the building industry. Structural Engineering is not an 
isolated core of the building industry, but it has chosen to isolate itself 
because of the frustration to overcome political obsticals outside our 
These are not impenitrable obstacles - even the Berlin wall sucuumbed to time 
and policy. 
It is my opinion that we are on the threshold of change in the future and we 
(the united Internet community) hold the tools in our possession to institute 
change. We need to motivate more people to use the tools at hand and, in 
time, things will change for the better. 
If we do nothing, then we deserve everything we get and I, for one, will 
retire early.

Dennis S. Wish PE