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RE: Faulty Premise

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My sentiments exactly!

If more of us had a budget to control expenditure, less of us would be 
whingeing about poor pay!  Besides, I don't think anyone has ever got 
really rich from an income which is derived by personal exertion.  If you 
put aside 10% of your income and invest wisely in shares and property using 
borrowed funds (for example), your wealth will improve dramatically in the 
long term.  Given that (theoretically) a 20%  pay rise would only give you 
2% more to invest with, it seems obvious to me that (after adopting a 
budget and an investment goal plan) you choose your career for satisfaction 
and enjoyment, not immense wealth.


Dave Meney

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What more can you really ask? Remember: It isn't how much you MAKE, anyway,
but how much you KEEP.