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Code is the standard of care

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Subject: Code is the standard of care.

Standard of care...

A recent court decision concluded 
that regional engineering practices are 
no longer considered a special standard 
of care. The argument is that building 
design technology is globally available 
and no longer limited to local 
(uninformed) engineers.

The conclusion was that the building 
code is the standard of care. 

Engineer's popular vote 
does come into play for issues or 
values not limited by the code. 

The vote seems to be 
taking on a new form with this internet 
mail center. 

I notice that there are probably more 
engineers on this mail site than those in 
rooms making code changes. I suspect 
that the majority, are neither in the 
rooms, or yet at this web-site. I have 
only heard the following, but never in 

"Well I have called so-and-so and 
she is doing it and so is that big office 
down the road."

"Decisions that may be wrong for 
tomorrow's design may still be correct 
for today."

"I see the code as a great reference that 
keeps me out of trouble. I never argue 
with the scientific scholars writing it."

The above are for discussion purposes 
only and may or may not be my 

David B Merrick, SE