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RE: Airport Taxiway Bridges

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Appendix 3 of FAA Adivisory Circular 150/5320-6D "Design of Structures For
Heavy Aircraft" gives criteria for future heavy aircraft.  It gives three
typical gear configurations for design of structures.  It recommends
designing for wheel loads of 50,000 to 75,000 pounds with a gear
configurations consisting of 16 wheels (two 8 wheel groups) and two
configurations with 20 wheels (4 wheel nose gear and two 8 wheel groups) for
a total aircraft weight of up to 1.5 million pounds.

Hope this helps

Jim Hagensen, SE 

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> Subject:	Airport Taxiway Bridges
> To my surprise, we've not been able to get much information about design
> of
> these.
> FAA has a "circular" that devotes about 1 1/2 pages to some general
> information.
> In particular, we've got to worry about "Group VI Aircraft," and the
> loading
> therefrom.
> I am inclined to believe that using the AASHTO code is sort of
> counterproductive since many of the assumptions made therein (esp. load
> factors) aren't really applicable for a taxiway bridge.
> Also, I have tried in vain to find information on the wheel loading
> pattern
> for the Antonov 124 "Ruslan" cargo aircraft, which will be, I believe, the
> "big enchilada" governing design of our bridge.
> Anyone got any references for me?
> Thanks.