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Re: Ron Gallagher's Comments in SEAOC Plan Review

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I appreciate your comments and maybe I was harsh on Mr. Gallagher. However, 
he is in a position of "power" as the Chair of the Seismology Committee and 
has chosen to congradulate himself to all of the members of SEAOC in the 
latest issue of Plan Review.
Over the last several months our list has felt powerless to address the 
issues that plauge us (including you considering your comments regarding 
rigid diaphragm analysis) which originated in the local Seismology Committees 
and had been compiled and present for publication by the State Committee 
under the Chair of this gentlemen. 
Yet, he has failed to address the concerns of this professional community 
while leaving us open to problems that further the gap between prescriptive 
methods and engineers solutions. Just so we are clear, I am not against a 
prescriptive method as long as it is equivalent to a minimum engineered 
solution or more.
What set me off was the tone of his comments in light of our growing 
frustration. Just possibly the dust that my comments stir up will be 
sufficient to at least open a few eyes and ears that might otherwise ignore 
the needs of the members of SEAOC.

Today is a new day and I apologize for what appears as an attack - it was 
meant as a repremand more than a personal attack. Still, the wrong needs to 
be made correct and it must be done at his level.