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Re: Wood Diaphragms

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I don't see the relationship. I would have consider the second paragraph as 
only limiting the total deflection to a life safety limit, however all 
subsequent sections in Chapter 16 narrow down the analysis of the diaphgam 
and set a stricter limit based upon calculations. All this tells me is than 
no diaphgragm can be allowed to deflect past the point where  life safety is 
at issue. And, this section does not state explicity that the diaphragm can 
not be rigid.

Neil pointed me to the indext where it clearly states that section 2315.1 of 
the 97UBC  refers to "Not acceptable as rigid diaphragm". However, this 
statement does not appear in the actual code section unless there is an 
erratta that I do not have that has added it.

Any other comments to help make this clear?

Dennis S. Wish PE