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Re: Seismic Upgrade ..... Appeal to those who created the code

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>As more and more people become discouraged, apathetic, and abrogate their
>responsibilities in a 'representative' government, there will be more and 
>regulations and 'laws' on the books addressing every nuance of our existence
Here's another take on this, based on some experiences of mine. Laws and 
regulations are going to split hairs ever finer so long as a certain few 
people can get by not doing a scrap more than necessary to avoid jail. 
Whenever a code provision can be twisted to justify schlock, you can bet 
that some bottom feeder will do just that, whether or not he knows that 
nominal compliance is dangerous or imprudent. A vague code provision 
('reasonable compliance' 'suitable workmanship,' or 'appropriate 
strength') tells a hacker to design or build crap and claim otherwise 
because there's no criterion which says otherwise. Any engineer who 
hasn't run into this sort of thing just hasn't been paying attention.

The same thing happens in business--there's a certain type of person who 
will cut corners, pass a half-lie as whole truth and sell poison because 
he can plead compliance with a loosely written law. We keep the 
not-quite-criminals in business by pretending it's none of our business, 
and they keep cutting corners. 

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