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Re: plan check under 97 code

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 I'd like to add another item not mentioned previously which is the lack of 
training/experience in the '97 code for of most of the plan checkers who will 
be reviewing our plans.  As of now Los Angeles has held several training 
sessions and some of the plan checkers have attended the ICBO seminars, but 
other municipalities have not done even that much.  Is this enough training?  
I'm not looking for anyone to look over my work, but I also do not want my 
work to be someone else's training ground. 
 After 22 years of being in this business and countless hours of seminars and 
studying the code I still feel unsure.  At least when I got my first job I 
worked under someone's supervision and guidance.  This time I'm all alone.
  Assuming for the moment that we have a simple two story wood structure, 
plans and calculations are provided to comply with "all" the provisions of 
the '97 code, what plan checker will have enough experience and training the 
first 6-12 months to check these plans and not inundate us with a series of 
frivolous corrections.  It's not that I am picking on plan checkers; After 
reviewing volume 1 of the Seismic Design Manual, I realized that this code is 
even more confusing than I had previously believed and it makes even less 
sense.  Unfortunately right now my biggest problem is understanding and 
trying to decipher this code. 

Lastly I'd like to find out from those of you who do mostly wood structures, 
what was the reaction you got form your clients when you told them that your 
fees may/will be higher for projects falling under the new code.  I know my 
workload will go up but I want to see if I can raise my fees accordingly.  
Several engineers I talked to had the same response from their long time 
clients:  We'll get back to you!

Andrew Vidikan P.E.