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Re: Ron......... Rigid Diaphragm Analysis

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First, would all of you mind changing the Subject back to Rigid Diaphragm:>)

Lynn, I agree with you and always have. Still, this does not change the fact 
that we are forced into compliance since our actions would be considered less 
than minimum code standards. This poses a number of problems that need a 
resolution and I don't feel that working through the code cycle will provide 
an expedient solution.

I think we need some constructive opinions as what steps we need to take 
between now and July and draft up a formal letter that will be signed by all 

Before we go farther, aren't there any engineers on this list who agree with 
the standard? If there are, let's discuss this.
Neil Moore brought to my attention Ron Gallaghers experience in Earthquake 
design. If you feel that we should accept this code based upon the experience 
of the committee members, then lets discuss facts. What can be presented that 
would encourage all of us to change our position on this issue.

We really need to move in a constructive direction and find a resolution to 
the problem as a group.

Dennis S. Wish PE