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RE: Salary Survey

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> I still enjoy
> structural engineering, but contrary to what most
> motivational speakers say,
> money is, at least, an equally driving force apart from job
> satisfaction.

For YOU perhaps; not for everyone.

How much money is enough, after all? In this country, you mostly answer that
question for yourself, but each man's answer will differ from the next.

This is a highly subjective topic, to say the least. I think there are
examples of people in ALL walks of life, who have "regrets" that they didn't
do this, or that, or the other thing with their lives.

I remember a really good flick from a couple of years ago, an Albert Brooks
creation called "Defending Your Life."  The anti-hero of the movie, played
by Brooks, has died only to discover that 1) reincarnation is a "fact of
life," 2) You have to keep going back till you stop being a "screw up," and
3) in each of his many lives, he'd been a total "screw up."

Several hilarious scenes show him turning down offers to get in on the
ground floor buying stock in companies like Microsoft and Casio, just before
they bust loose. This is shown as evidence against his being allowed to "go
forward," as opposed to "going back and trying again."

Regrets, lots and lots of regrets. But the end of the film occurs with his
"going forward" (with Meryl Streep, no less) because in spite of all the
regrets, he'd demonstrated that SUCCESS means "seizing the day" in a
meaningful way.

So his failure to get rich wasn't held against him in the end.

I think that comparing your financial "success" to those others who are
"more successful" than you is narrow-minded. You are thus blinded to so many
other factors that make an individual life meaningful.

I do what I do because I enjoy it. I could make more money doing it
differently, or doing something else entirely, applying my skills in new
ways, but I CHOOSE not to do so because I am satisfied.

My kids are fed and clothed and have opportunities to make their own lives.
I love my wife, she loves me, we pay our bills, have a rich family life and
our spirituality continues to expand.

I'm just not convinced that having twice or three times the money we have
would change that equation very much.