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Re: Rigid Diaphragm Analysis

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In a message dated 5/8/99 2:32:08 PM Pacific Daylight Time, rjbossi(--nospam--at) 

<< Dennis:
 What about getting ICBO staff to publish an interpretation in Building 
 Magazine on the issue?
 Most building officials will accept such a statement.  The question might 
 be:  Does Section 1630.10 apply to buildings having a lateral system 
 of wood diaphragms and shear walls that comply with Section 2315?
 I believe wood frame buildings (wood shear walls and diaphragms) should 
 qualify as "flexible"
 When we consider wood diaphragms combined with non wood elements (frames or
 concrete walls) then I think we need to be more careful.
 Bob Bossi >>

Okay Bob, here is one way to try this idea. I forwarded a copy of your email 
to Tom Campbell from ICBO. He is on our list and has offered to help create a 
pathway to comittee information. I called him last week at his request and 
found that he was willing to try and help bridge the gap that we are having.  
I commend Tom for taking a step to help in light of all of the adversity in 
the professional community. I don't expect him to be able to pull off 
miricles and who knows what opposition that he has within ICBO, but I 
appeciate his offer and maybe he can help us best put this into perspective.
Let's see what happens.
Thanks for the suggestion and if you feel this should go to SEAOC as well, 
let's do it.