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RE: Salary Survey

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The price of automobiles is prominently displayed on the window for all
to see.  No one can afford to be to high and no one will be any lower
than he has to be.  

When was the last time any structural engineer published his fee
schedule for all to see?

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		Rarely do I agree with Bill P.:>) but I have to in this
respect. I am 
		appauled by our "ethical" restraint to discuss or set a
reasonable fee for 
		our services upon an industry standard.
		The insurance industry does this by limiting the amount
a doctor will be 
		reimbursed or paid by the insurance industry based upon
an average or 
		reasonable fee for services.
		Tell me how much retail items of the same time vary from
store to store - is 
		it the real profit margin or an inflated price establish
by what the market 
		will bear.
		Lawyers work on hourly rates that are very much the same
when considering 
		firms of equivalent size and services.
		Have you checked the cost of automobiles today. Funny
how close in price each 
		competing model is. I don't believe it is based upon an
		percentage of profit - no, especially when Mercedes
admits that Chrysler 
		makes more profit on their SUV's than Mercedes does on
their most expensive 
		car in the line.

		We live in a society which sets prices based upon at
least one leader daring 
		enough to set the fee. Why should engineers be any
different. Once the fee's 
		are established, the public can only set us up to
compete on services and 
		quality of work.

		Dennis S. Wish PE

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