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Re: Seismic Upgrade ..... Appeal to those who created the code

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I agree with you all the way.  Can you post a list of names we can write to 
express our "professional" feelings.  I know you must be busy but we need a 

Andrew Vidikan P.E.>

Thank you Andrew. The easiest way to reach the SEAOSC board members and the 
SEAOSC board contact, is to visit the SEAINT Website at  You 
can then choose the Southern Chapter board of directors. Each is listed with 
their respective email accounts. There is also a list of the SEAOSC contacts 
to the SEAOC board of directors. These are the members who would carry the 
opinions of those writing directly to SEAOC.

Ron Hamburger, is to be (and I hope I don't stick my foot in my mouth again) 
the next President of SEAOC (I guess you call him the President Elect at this 
point). Again, I apologize if I am incorrect (I'm getting gun shy).  I would 
think that you can send your comments directly to him at his address listed 
in the return of his posts to the list.  I would assume that until we have 
Internet access to the State Board (It is not listed on their website that I 
could find), you should be able to forward all appropriate mail through Mr. 

I wrote him this morning both to apologize once again for my errors and, with 
hopes that he would consider these discussions as constructive critism rather 
than attacks upon the members of SEAOC or the committee's. Attacking members 
who act out with best intention is counter productive and this is where I may 
have been wrong inmy comments about Mr. Gallagher. I do not know their 
intentions and should only assume them to be professional. 

In the mean time, I hope that our discussion will open new pathways to 
committee members by demonstrating that it is not always possible to bring 
the members to the organization, but we need to seriously consider using the 
Internet tools that we have to bring the organization to the members and even 
more important, to every professional engineer who practices - regardless of 
affiliation. All of their opinions count and soon will count world wide.

Thanks again for your support.
Dennis Wish PE