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Re: light gage metal systems

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I think the originator of the post needs to understand that Light Gauge Steel 
Stud framing is a relativly new animal in bearing wall construction for 
multi-story structures. This is based, mostly, upon the lack of standards 
from one steel company to the next. However, this is changing quickly as 
associations are starting which are begining to standardize on section 
properties and in the process use the services of groups like LGSEA to test 
and develope design criteria for the materials.
As of this date, the UBC only addresses lateral restraint of the LGS system 
and basically does not cover gravity load member design. The present 
methodologies for gravity load members are cumbersome and difficult to follow 
- however there are HUD standards which can be used - prescriptive standards, 
but I am not sure if they are adequate for three story structures.

I suggest you consider a membership in LGSEA which can help lead you in the 
right direction. Organizations like the LGSEA are worthwhile because they are 
determined to create standards in an industry specifically for Light Gauge 
Steel. Contact Larry Williams at LGSEA(--nospam--at) for more information and visit 
their website on

Dennis S. Wish PE