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rigid wood diaphragms ?????

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>From >merrickgroup(--nospam--at)<

Don't forget the (most common) plywood floor GLUED  to joists condition.
Very rigid.

Recall ATC-4 spelled out proceedures, over two decades ago 1976,
 for the diaphragmto act as a continuous beam over multiple supports.
 An increase factor was applied to the interior walls.

If the code doesn't have deflection equations for unblocked diaphragm
then is it impossible to extrapolate other diaphragm conditions? 

I bet I can come up with a general proceedure that would envelope 
the rigid diaphragm calculation without performing the calculation. 

Rather refuting the law and the code. Make a stand with a calculation
that could be claimed as having covered the significant range of wood
design conditions and satisfy ing the code. (See ATC-4)

 Like conventional construction details are for the carpenter.

I bet the resulting method will be the tributary area method with a few
factors like ATC-4.

The above is for discussion only and is not to be considered as opion.