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Re: Clay Tile Wall Opening Lintel

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A procedure I use for new openings through URM wall of all kinds is to 
install epoxy adhesive anchor "shoring pins" diagonally upward into the wall 
through the wall surface over the location of the proposed cut.  The pins are 
intended to keep the masonry units over the opening from falling into the 
opening -- they need to be long enough to engage the masonry that would fall 
into the cut to the masonry above that will be supported by corbel action 
from the jambs of the proposed cut, and preferably, in the case of a 
multi-wythe wall, should be installed staggered from each side.  The opening 
can then be cut, large enough to include a reinforced lintel and jambs to be 
constructed out of concrete block or concrete.  After constructing the jambs 
and lintel, the final step is to dry pack the gap between the top of the 
reinforced lintel and the soffit of the remaining URM above.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer