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Passing away of Donald E. Hudson

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Just to note, the LA Times, noted the passing away of Mr Donald E. Hudson, 83,
on April 24, in Pasadena, California, of heart failure.  

"Donald E. Hudson: Earthquake Engineering Expert

Donald E. Hudson, 83, a pioneering expert in mechanical and earthquake
engineering.  Born in Alma, Mich., Hudson earned bachelor's, master's and
doctoral degrees in engineering from Caltech, where he taught for four decades.
 For four years before retiring in 1985, Hudson chaired the USC civil
engineering department and served as president of the International Assn. for
Earthquake Engineering.  During World War II, he worked on rocketry and
underwater ordnance design for the Navy's Office of Research and Inventions. 
He also conducted research in geophysical engineering for General Pretoleum
Corp. and in vibration engineering for Douglas Aircraft before settling into
his academic career.  Hudson developed several instruments to study seismic
motions to provide better designs for quake-resistant buildings, bridges and
dams.  In 1989, the American Society of Civil Engineers awarded Hudson its
Nathan M. Newmark Metal for his contributions to structural mechanics and
measurement analysis and his interpretation of the response of structures to
dynamic forces and motions.  On April 24, in Pasadena of hear failure."
--------- LA Times, Thursday May 6, 1999.

Though you may want to know,

ed gonzalez