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Diplomacy, cont.

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] Gentle Beings, Engineers, et al:
Constructive criticism, questions, and numerous analogies have been posted on this list server.  Many of the discussions have been very thought provoking, enlightening, some even humorous.  There have been some heated commentaries as well as some very genuine apologies.  We are all agreed that pot-shots and personalized sarcasm are inappropriate on this list; could the focus continue on the professional issues at hand?  All of the contributors have had something meaningful to say to date:  please continue the debate.  I, for one, am eagerly following the thread to see what happens next....

Sincerely, audra ranous

From Mr. Fred Turner:

Mr. Wish said: "I will keep you posted as to what I hear, but for now - I
have promised that diplomacy will be an important action."

What a relief! I 'm glad we haven't experienced Dennis when he wasn't

BTW, Ron Gallagher was out volunteering at a 2-day Seismology Committee
meeting last Fri-Sat when Mr. Wish invoked his name.

Keep up the great work Ron Gallagher. I look forward to your Committee's
latest SEAOC Blue Book and Seismic Design Manuals.

Perhaps the reason why more engineers of Ron's caliber don't participate in
this listserve is they have many more relevant things to do.
>From Mr. Bill Polhemus:
Well, that's a useful statement.

That's like saying "the reason that great engineers don't participate in
discussions with lesser lights is they have many more relevant things to