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Re: Diplomacy

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I don't know Ron Gallagher, but I will presume that his volunteer efforts
are splendid, his intentions exemplary, and the outcome high caliber.

Even so, his 2-days work at Seismology Committee is clearly something he
enjoys, and preferred to have been doing. Everyone's choice of preference is
revealed rather well by looking at what they actually do. Congratulations to
all of us.

Dennis's preference is to engage in questions, answers, and controversies on
this listserver, and to publish the ONline magazine. His energy at those
pursuits, which competes with his sole-proprietor residential design
practice, amazes me. As we can all tell, his writing style is more passion
than polish. The issue he's in hot water over isn't new, and virtually any
uprising against the SEAOC Committee empires is going to look barbarous, and
be resented, same as all rejections by the beneficiary of a benefactor's

Benefactors aren't automatically right because their laboriously crafted
gift came free to the recipient. Try spurning a relative who offers to "get
it for you wholesale", and see if you can restore harmony in the family.

The burden is on the giver to offer, and then let go. 

Charles O. Greenlaw, SE    Sacramento  CA