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30,000 foot Skyscraper.. .......!!!!!!

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Attention fellow Structural Engineers.

This message is just in from the WORLD's Tallest Building website manager.

Maybe you have some thoughts on trying to build a 30,000 foot skyscraper!!

Bob  Johnson


Subj:	 Re: Question for creative writing project
Date:	99-05-09 22:07:31 EDT
From:	jeff(--nospam--at) (Jeffrey K. Herzer)
To:	ablyweiss(--nospam--at) (Adam Blyweiss)

Hello, Adam...

Sorry for the delay in responding.  I'm just returning from a week in Arizona 
I'm hoping the euphoria from my cranial enema will hold at least until 

So you know, my background is broadcast journalism, not architecture or
engineering.  I'm also a great Science Fiction who still 
figure out why the &$)@!!! "Fantasy" is snuggled in there right next to 
Asimov and

Very briefly, the things that come to mind when you mention a building of 30k 

- The upper floors would obviously have to be pressurized like an airplane, 
rapid decompression would certainly be a hazard.  What kind of window glass 
handle the stress up there?

- It would take one heckuva long time for an elevator to reach that height, 
and some
kind of magnetic levitation system might be the preferred elevator system.

- Otis Elevator has come up with the idea of a cable-less elevator called 
where elevator cars would travel horizontally as well as vertically.  It 
would be
possible to climb into a "transitor" car at the airport and ride it straight 
to your

- Have you seen the Japanese "X-seed" concept design?  The 4000 meter (13,000 
building looks like a miniature Mount Fuji.  See the bottom of the 94th floor 
section M-Z for a thumbnail and link.  It makes you wonder if they'd somehow 
have to
scrape snow and ice off the sucker, or somehow heat the facade so frozen
precipitation wouldn't stick.  As a former resident of "Tornado Alley", I'd 
hate to be sitting on an upper floor during a whopper thunderstorm or F5 

I don't guess I'm being particularly imaginative.  Being a great fan of Isaac
Asimov's "Foundation" books, I fear anything I'd have to say about 
sociopolitical or
other issues would be influenced by "Psychohistory" and Asimov's descriptions 
life on Trantor...or perhaps Robert Silverberg's "The World Inside"

If you'd like, I'll put your letter and e-mail address on the 44th floor page 
time I update the website.

I started writing a Science-Fiction short story about 15 years ago having to 
do with
television news, my former occupation.  Somehow, I never really liked the 
Like my days as a Music major, I loved Jazz to death and could feel it in my 
but I could never play it very well.

Good luck on the project...

- Jeff Herzer


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Adam Blyweiss wrote:

> This may sound like a strange request, but I hope you can humor me for a 
> I'm starting an extensive science-fiction/dramatic writing project. I'm
> looking for any and all input on architectural, environmental,
> sociopolitical and other issues that might be related to building,
> working in, and living in a 30,000-foot-tall skyscraper. (I think that's
> about 5.6 miles up.) I've got some early ideas to work with, but I'd
> like some advice from professionals since buildings and environmental design
> aren't my areas of expertise.
> Direction from anyone in your leadership and/or readership would be
> greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.
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