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Ron Gallagher and Diplomacy

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In a message dated 5/10/99 3:12:34 PM EST, fturner(--nospam--at) writes:

<<  Perhaps the reason why more engineers of Ron's caliber don't participate 
 this listserver is they have many more relevant things to do.  >>
I like to read history books.  One of the things that becomes obvious while 
following the history of our planet is that people in power who do not 
communicate with other people, sooner or later, turn into dictators. They 
usually lock themselves up in their own ivory towers and, in their own minds, 
they become "gods". Few examples:

Russia: Joseph Stalin - while in power - changed the name of one of the major 
cities in Russia to "Stalingrad".

France: Napoleon Bonaparte - while in power - called the newly developed 
civil code, the "Code Napoleon".

Iraq (recent development): Sadam Hussein - while in power - opened-up a new 
city in Iraq and called it "Sadam City" with a towering bronze statue of 
himself erected on top of a three-story arch.

Mexico: Hernando Cortez - the conqueror of Mexico; the murderer of hundreds 
of thousands of Aztec Indians - while in power - named the sea between Baja 
California and mainland Mexico, the Sea of Cortez.

What logically follows is: If Ron Gallagher does not communicate and does not 
participate in discussions on the SEAC list-server regarding important 
engineering subjects because he "has many more relevant things to do" and 
does not stay in touch with his fellow engineers and be aware of "what's 
happening in the area of his life-long interests", maybe we should call the 
seismic part of the 97 code: "The Code Gallagher". This way the 
self-glorification will be fulfilled and the history of our planet will have 
continuity - even in the world of engineering.