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RE: Footing Soil Design Momemt

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I don't think that you will reduce the moment. Doing this would produce an
underdesigned section or reinforcements. Maybe, what you are referring to is
that the axial load and the corresponding moment would result in an
eccentricity ,"e" or : e :=(M/P). This "e" would then be used  to determine
the size of the footing depending on how you want the footing to act. 

I know there are different ways to design a footing. You may want to try out
some books by Nilson (Design of Reinforced Concrete) or Bowles (Design of
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> Subject: 	Footing Soil Design Momemt
> Hello fellow engineers all over the world !!  I  would like to know if
> I'm O.K. in the design moment for checking the footing soil pressure.
> Once we have the results of the computer (or hand) analysis, the moment
> of this result can be reduced by an amount equal to the product of the
> axial load "P" times the half of the trial lenght of the footing (in the
> direction of the moment of course), i.e.: Msoil = Mresult - P(L)/2  ?? 
> Thank you very much for your contributions.
>                                            Wladimir Bassett A.