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Re: Built-up Columns

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I'll repost my question a little differently.
I have two steel members which I want to have act as a built-up member.
Now per section E4 (AISC-ASD) for a built up member the spacing of the 
connections of the members should be such that the l/r < 3/4  of the 
governing ratio of the combined member.

My question came in that say the actual kl/r value of the combined member was 
80 meaning that the required l/r for the smaller members be less that 60. If 
this ratio was not readily obtainable but lets assume 75 is, what if I base 
the strength of the combined member on a kl/r of at least 100, rather like a 
partially composite beam.  Any comments or suggestions would be very helpful.

Bill King, EIT