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Re: 30,000 foot Skyscraper.. .......!!!!!!

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There are some people in China that have a good start on this.  According to
the '97 UBC there would be 75'-0" total drift.

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Date: Monday, May 10, 1999 8:58 PM
Subject: 30,000 foot Skyscraper.. .......!!!!!!

>Attention fellow Structural Engineers.
>This message is just in from the WORLD's Tallest Building website manager.
>Maybe you have some thoughts on trying to build a 30,000 foot skyscraper!!
>Bob  Johnson
>Subj: Re: Question for creative writing project
>Date: 99-05-09 22:07:31 EDT
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>To: ablyweiss(--nospam--at) (Adam Blyweiss)
>Hello, Adam...
>Sorry for the delay in responding.  I'm just returning from a week in
>I'm hoping the euphoria from my cranial enema will hold at least until
>So you know, my background is broadcast journalism, not architecture or
>engineering.  I'm also a great Science Fiction who still
>figure out why the &$)@!!! "Fantasy" is snuggled in there right next to
>Asimov and
>Very briefly, the things that come to mind when you mention a building of
>- The upper floors would obviously have to be pressurized like an airplane,
>rapid decompression would certainly be a hazard.  What kind of window glass
>handle the stress up there?
>- It would take one heckuva long time for an elevator to reach that height,
>and some
>kind of magnetic levitation system might be the preferred elevator system.
>- Otis Elevator has come up with the idea of a cable-less elevator called
>where elevator cars would travel horizontally as well as vertically.  It
>would be
>possible to climb into a "transitor" car at the airport and ride it
>to your
>- Have you seen the Japanese "X-seed" concept design?  The 4000 meter
>building looks like a miniature Mount Fuji.  See the bottom of the 94th
>section M-Z for a thumbnail and link.  It makes you wonder if they'd
>have to
>scrape snow and ice off the sucker, or somehow heat the facade so frozen
>precipitation wouldn't stick.  As a former resident of "Tornado Alley", I'd
>hate to be sitting on an upper floor during a whopper thunderstorm or F5
>I don't guess I'm being particularly imaginative.  Being a great fan of
>Asimov's "Foundation" books, I fear anything I'd have to say about
>sociopolitical or
>other issues would be influenced by "Psychohistory" and Asimov's
>life on Trantor...or perhaps Robert Silverberg's "The World Inside"
>If you'd like, I'll put your letter and e-mail address on the 44th floor
>time I update the website.
>I started writing a Science-Fiction short story about 15 years ago having
>do with
>television news, my former occupation.  Somehow, I never really liked the
>Like my days as a Music major, I loved Jazz to death and could feel it in
>but I could never play it very well.
>Good luck on the project...
>- Jeff Herzer
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>Adam Blyweiss wrote:
>> This may sound like a strange request, but I hope you can humor me for a
>> I'm starting an extensive science-fiction/dramatic writing project. I'm
>> looking for any and all input on architectural, environmental,
>> sociopolitical and other issues that might be related to building,
>> working in, and living in a 30,000-foot-tall skyscraper. (I think that's
>> about 5.6 miles up.) I've got some early ideas to work with, but I'd
>> like some advice from professionals since buildings and environmental
>> aren't my areas of expertise.
>> Direction from anyone in your leadership and/or readership would be
>> greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.
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