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RE: Footing Soil Design Moment

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You have written the formula for overturning moment at the toe of the
footing - this gives an indication of overturning tendency but is not
appropriate for checking the soil pressure.  You should use the full moment
at the centroid of the footing with the axial load to determine soil
pressure, using the formula P/A +/- M/S. 

Wladimir bassett wrote:

> I  would like to know if
> I'm O.K. in the design moment for checking the footing soil pressure.
> Once we have the results of the computer (or hand) analysis, 
> the moment
> of this result can be reduced by an amount equal to the product of the
> axial load "P" times the half of the trial length of the 
> footing (in the
> direction of the moment of course), i.e.: Msoil = Mresult - 
> P(L)/2  ??