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Re: Ron Gallagher and Diplomacy

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>They usually lock themselves up in their own ivory towers and, in their own 
>minds, they become "gods". Few examples:
Interesting point, not so good history. Bad ethics, too, since the 
parallel libels Mr Gallegher. In Minnesota such things are actionable by 
the engineering board.

Stalingrad wasn't named by Stalin but by people looking both to suck up 
and erase some vestiges of the Tsars. The city was formerly called 
Tsaritsyn. Other cities in the old USSR underwent name changes for the 
same reason. St Petersburg got temporarily changed to Leningrad because 
Peter the Great named the city after his namesake. 

The Code Napoleon replaced a much worse system of French law which was a 
chaotic mix of Roman law and feudal practices. Some of Louisiana's state 
laws incorporate parts of  Napoleonic law.

Saddam, wicked paranoid that he is, probably copied the idea from 
America--we built a showpiece city starting around 1800 and named it 
Washington. And New York was once New Amsterdam. Funny we didn't change 
all the old colonial names--Maryland, Georgia, Carolina, Virginia to name 
a few.

And Cortez wasn't a dictator, he was a conquistador--a state sanctioned 
robber baron who got a piece of whatever he stole for the Spanish 
monarchy of the time.

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