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Re: 30,000 foot Skyscraper.. .......!!!!!!

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Well, you are right--not much imagination today--just
once the thing is built, who's gonna wash the windows????

audra ranous

Nd1942(--nospam--at) wrote:

> I'm disappointed in the lack of imaginative responses to this question. I'm
> sure the architects would find it much more interesting.
> Someone wondered how could they get stuff up that high. Well, it could be
> brought up in lifts, with cranes stationed every so many feet. Someone else
> mentioned high water pressure. Well, it, too, could be pumped up in stages
> and used in stages, so no "station or zone" would exceed reasonable design
> parameters. Elevators would be a problem, but once again, in stages it could
> be done. Total weight of the building would definitely be a problem. The
> upper story swaying would demand attention. Heat loss and high maintenance
> costs associated with constant weather and moisture would be a problem. Fires
> might be catastrophic.
> On the bright side, one would have good TV reception...