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Re: Design Lateral Force, Fp, Per 1997 UBC

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The out of plane forces for the masonry wall can be assessed using Section 
1632.2, Equation 32-2, Where Fp = ap Ca Ip (1+3hx/hr)(Wp/Rp).  All the 
coefficients are defined in this Section as well as Table 16-O.  There are 
several examples in the Seismic Design Manual, Volume I (i.e., Examples, 35, 
36, 47) that address this and other related issues.  This Manual can be 
purchased from ICBO for approximately $45.00.  A Seminar on illustrating the 
'97 UBC, Seismic Provisions is scheduled for the LA area tentatively for 
Saturday, June 12.

Ali Sadre