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Re: Ron Gallagher and Diplomacy

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In a message dated 5/11/99 1:33:57 PM EST, chrisw(--nospam--at) writes:
 >> Interesting point, not so good history. Bad ethics, too, since the 
      parallel libels Mr Gallegher.>>
Hmmmm .... Bad ethics ???.. Ethics can be personal, biased, unbiased, or 
whatever a person decides to think and express privately or publically about 
any subject matter under the sun... Example: When Spaniards landed in Mexico 
and South America to steal gold from the Indians and to "convert" the Indians 
to Christianity, they were appalled by the practice of cutting out a beating 
heart from a living fellow-Indian and throwing it into the sacrificial well 
as an offering to the Gods. For the Indians the practice was ethical, normal, 
and admirable. For the Spaniards it was barbaric, unethical, etc.... Take 
your pick.  

      >> the parallels libels Mr Gallegher.>>
Hmmmm ....The court will have to decide whether or not the parallels are 

1). >> Stalingrad wasn't named by Stalin but by people ....... <<
In the Soviet Union there was no such thing called "the people" or "the will 
of the  people" - except on paper. Everything had to be done according to 
Party rules, and Party rules were established and brutally enforced by Joseph 
Stalin (btwn 1921 and 1953). If you, as a citizen of the Soviet Union, 
deviated from Party rules you were either dead or found yourself in Siberia 
-- for life. 
You seem to have rather strange interpretation of "the power or the rights of 
people in the Soviet Union".  The seriousness of your misconception about 
this matter makes me think that your interpretation must have been influenced 
by history books written by members of the American Communist Party or by the 
English language translation of the History of the Communist Party of the 
Soviet Union [CPSU(B)] written under strict supervision of Joseph Stalin. 

2). >> The Code Napoleon replaced a much worse system of French law ... <<
Whichever code was replaced by Napoleon - and regardless of whether the old 
code was good or bad - the fact remains that the new code was named "the Code 
Napoleon" -- by Napoleon himself. 

3). >> Saddam, wicked paranoid that he is, probably copied the idea from 
America .. <<  Which original was copied to build the Sadam City is of no 
importance. He is still a dictator. 
4). >> And Cortez wasn't a dictator, he was a conquistador ... <<
For the King and Queen of Spain, and for the people of Spain, Cortez was a 
hero with many honorable titles assigned to him when he was alive; and also 
after he died. For the Aztecs, Cortez was a dictator and murderer.